Butterfly Greenhouse

BornoletárioThe Butterfly Greenhouse of the Museum of Natural History and Science is the first greenhouse raising Iberian butterflies that is open to the public. Located in the Botanical Garden, the MUHNAC's Butterfly Greenhouse is a garden composed by Mediterranean plants and inhabited by several species of butterflies. These can be observed in the several phases of their life cycle: the egg, the caterpillar, the chrysalis and the adult phase.

The Butterfly Greenhouse was inaugurated on the 11th of November 2006 and it was first idealized and built by the Tagis association - Preservation Centre of Portuguese Butterflies.

At the Butterfly House we teach the biology of the butterfly and show how they interact with plants, in order to raise the public's interest and awareness to the importance of the preservation and biodiversity of the nature.

Besides being a leisure space, the Butterfly Greenhouse also develops three types of action: Butterfly raising, host plants propagation and environmental education.

The Butterfly Greenhouse was created to bring to young children (school age), a new environment for learning an important part of our natural patronage: the butterflies. It's expected with this project that we are able to raise awareness and interest for the environmental problems, for the preservation of the nature. To achieve this goal several activities are being developed for several school groups with different ages, as well as for the public in general.