Seminário de Cultura Material da Ciência

Jan/18 17:00 - Jan/18 18:00
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Creating a Geological Collection in the 19th Century Serbia

Segunda, 18 Janeiro, 2021 - 17:00 a 18:00
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Seminário de Cultura Material da Ciência, com Dejan Lukić, Asian University for Women
Moderação: Catarina Madruga, MUHNAC/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Universidade de Lisboa
The formation of earth sciences in 19th century Serbia depended on the establishment of a network of collaborators which was intertwined with the local administrative and educational networks. Belgrade was established as the centre of calculation where geological specimens were processed, analysed, identified, and then kept, discarded or shipped somewhere else. This paper reveals how the accumulation process depended on a wide variety of collaborators: mining engineers, merchants, diplomats, school teachers, clerks, train station managers, army officers, and peasants, who collected rocks and shipped them to Belgrade for identification.

Nota biográfica
Dejan Lukić is a historian from Serbia. He got a PhD in Comparative History from the Central European University in 2019. He joined the Asian University for Women in the same year, where he taught seminars and courses on topics of Science and Colonialism until December 2020. In his work, he is concerned with the establishment of international scientific exchange networks of journals, books, data, instruments, and specimens, and the social and political Dynamics behind the formation of scientific circles.
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